PD5496: Automated Destacking System

  • Automates pallet destacking to feed a mattress assembly line
  • Handles a variety of foams from 1/2″ to 10″ thick
  • Places layers of foam as fast as 1 every 15 seconds
  • Easily integrates into the LCN1000 and LCN1500 to destack foam layers for lamination

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foam destacking equipment for mattress manufacturing
Pick and place mattress or foam

Gantry System

  • Pick and place mattresses, toppers and foam buns or foam blocks
  • Automate storage and distribution
  • Customize gantry pick-and-place to product needs
  • Increase floorspace and storage capabilities
  • Customize each cell by SKU

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RPS1000: Rail Punch


  • Punch holes into foam layers
  • Accurate punching within 1/8″
  • Holes are made on initial impact

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Adjustable foam rail punch system
Automated Material Handling System

STK1000: Stacking / De-Stacking

  • Automated product stacking / de-stacking
  • Easy pallet management and recycling to increase manufacturing floor efficiency
  • Stack foam up to 110″ high
  • Increase employee safety with enhanced ergonomics

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FLP1000: Mattress Flipping System

  • Floor-level flipping system with fast and efficient flip motion
  • Increased operator safety and facility ergonomics
  • Machine can pass through and never need re-homing

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Flip mattresses or foam
Retro fit any saw

PSC1000: Pour Saw Conveyor

  • Reduces foam block waste
  • Design improves cut accuracy
  • Supports the base of the block to reduce foam distortion
  • Maximize production foam after curing
  • Ready to retrofit any existing saw

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TMP1000: Modular Press System

  • Easy to integrate into a production line
  • Adjustable press settings with height or force
  • Conditions porous products like memory foam or bedding
  • Cycle time settings for manufacturing needs

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TMP1000 Press and Tamp
Increase ergonomics with a mattress pushing system

PSH1000 Pushing System

  • Safely push products through a system such as:
    • Boxes
    • Fire socks
    • Covers
  • Safe solution to pushing large or heavy products to improve ergonomics

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TRN1000: Lift System

  • Continuous production – No “re-homing”
  • Orientate and lift up to 350 lbs
  • Simple and easy foot pedal controls for operators
  • Extensive safety system
  • Modular design for integration within a production line

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Product Turning Equipment and Machinery

TRN1000: Automated Turning System

  • Automatically rotate foam mattresses without lifting
  • Continuous, quick mattress rotations

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