PSH1000: Pushing System

  • Solution for putting on mattress covers or fire socks in assembly
  • Allows for production automation for mattress assembly
  • System operates at floor level with waist-high operator access
  • Machine automatically resets, no re-homing
  • Modular design makes it easy to integrate into a full assembly line
  • Improves ergonomics for safe operations
PSH1000 foam and mattress assembly

Looking to increase employee ergonomics?  The PSH1000 is a solution that can fit into almost any manufacturing industry. This machine will take the bulk of the work out of packing product into sleeves and boxes and can can be easily integrated on any shop floor.

In mattress manufacturing, the PSH1000 easily integrates into a full assembly line. It’s an ideal solution to pushing foam or mattresses into covers or fire socks. With all operator touch-points within safe, easy to access points, this is an ergonomic solution to moving your product through your production line.

How does this fit into my production line?

The PSH1000 is modular equipment that can be matched with other assembly machines to create a full production line. Common assembly lines include:

C3‘s engineering team works with you to design the line that works best for your facility. Assembly lines can be part of a full manufacturing system including destacking, lamination, compression and packaging systems. Contact our team to see the possibilities for your operations.

foam mattress assembly line c3

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