Meet Tom, C³’s New Vice President Of Sales

Following the growth trajectory C³ experienced in 2019, we entered into 2020 with the goal of solidifying more leadership positions throughout the organization. “If you look back at where we were January 1st, we didn’t have a problem with sales.” says, Joe Van De Hey, C³’s CEO. “But we knew we had to fill some key roles at C³ to continue to scale.”

After adding a 100,000 square foot facility, expanding our assembly team, and hiring a COO to lead, we’ve reduced our lead times and increased machine shipments per week. To sustain this pace, the next step was to create a Vice President of Sales role – someone who could help us expand our resources to our customers and continuously raise the bar for excellence as an OEM.

We’re excited to introduce you to Tom Apple, C³s new VP of Sales. Hear more from Tom and Joe in this video about how Tom’s role will embolden our client relationships.

Tom joins C³ after working in sales for 24 years with other OEMs and manufacturers in the printing and packaging industries. Initially starting his career as a mechanical engineer, he soon transitioned to sales after discovering satisfaction in helping clients find the right solutions for their businesses. Still, his engineering experience adds value to his work as a sales leader in the machinery world. “Having a technical background really helps us dig into and understand the issues our customers are having so that we can provide better solutions. At C³, we’re focusing heavily on training our sales team so they, too, have the technical knowledge and can better help our customers.”

Tom will lead both our sales and service teams, and he sees our sales team as serving two primary functions. “The first,” he shares, “is to act as a consultant to our customers. We need to make sure that we have a clear understanding of their needs and requirements in order to help them choose the proper equipment and configuration to maximize their productivity and efficiency. The second is to serve as a conduit between the customer and C³, communicating feedback to the rest of the C³ team so that we can further refine our equipment and be a solutions provider to the customer.”

What attracted Tom to this opportunity the most was the enthusiasm he saw from the C³ team. He says, “When I first came here, I met a group of people completely energized about the products that they manufacture. They believe they can change the industry with their technology – I had to be a part of that.”

Joe explains the vision for this new role and how it will impact C³’s clients: “I wanted to make sure that we’re starting to look at excellence as an OEM – how can C³ excel in the market and step up our game for our customers. I want that customer experience to be great. Tom has seen what a great OEM should look like from both the manufacturer side and the end-user side, and he will be able to illustrate that for the rest of our team.”

Learn more about Tom on page 6 of our latest issue of Eng*nuity Magazine!