• Gain experience in a forward thinking automation and engineering company.
  • Work on a team that rises to challenges and grows together.
  • Join a company founded on a passion for engineering that permeates the culture still today.
  • Bring value to your work with hands-on projects and early responsibility.

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“Good designs keep giving; bad ones keep taking.” – Joe Van De Hey, CEO and Founder

Engineers are the backbone of our business. 

We are an engineering firm designing and manufacturing equipment for the foam and mattress industry.

We’re knee-deep in one of the most disruptive and transformed industries as of late. The development of our roll cage equipment has allowed the mattress industry to explode into ecommerce markets. We’re one of a handful of OEMs doing this work and it’s changing the way foam is manufactured, handled, shipped and delivered to the hands of consumers.

Day in the Life of an Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers are responsible for making our equipment designs run smoothly. They lead electrical equipment design, programming, testing, installation, startup, servicing and system integrations.

They’re experts in:

  • PLC programming in Allen-Bradley
  • Rockwell Factory Talk SE and ME for our HMI screens
  • Electrical Engineering, with a BSEE to prove it
  • Communication, can you share what you’ve created?

The years of experience in our team varies. We’re more concerned with what you’ve created and the skills you learned along the way.

When it’s time to set up and run a machine, we call on our Electrical Engineers. This means you’ll play a key role in installation – so have your suitcase packed. Our engineers have traveled as far as Australia and as close as Chicago.

“You’re not just the engineer stuck in the engineer office, doing engineering tasks. We’re constantly working with marketing, sales, mechanical teams and our CEO on a daily basis. You don’t have that in bigger companies. It’s refreshing to be able to move around and coordinate with others,” Braden, Electrical Engineer

What It’s Like to Work at C3

We’ve nearly doubled in size in the past year, and our value on hard work and strong culture has grown with us. This isn’t your average manufacturing company with dark production floors and greasy handles. We’ve got finesse:

Our equipment is assembled in this part of the facility. It’s bright and clean, reflecting the image that our machinery conveys when we showcase it to customers.

The Electrical Engineers sit together with our Mechanical Engineers in a vibrant open-concept office space. Each engineer has their own workstation and their team members are close by when there’s need for collaboration.

Make it Past the Noise

We are excited to meet someone who can’t wait to share their work with us. Someone who has a strong passion for engineering and desire to get their hands on big machinery. We want to hire someone who has a track record of solving problems with proven solutions. Someone who won’t quit in the face of a challenge.

Read this to find out why we’re hiring and who we need on our team. 

If this is you, introduce yourself. Show us why you’re right for C3. If a resume and cover letter tell your story, send them. We’d really like it if you sent us something cool, too.