Glue Calculator: Hand Spray vs. Roll Coat

When it comes to gluing mattresses, furniture, toppers, or other foam products, roll coating is always an option for manufacturing. Understand glue savings is important, but not top priority for ROI.

In order, per CCorporation: Click picture for calculator

  1. Throughput – Produce more product.
  2. Floorspace – Free up square footage in your facility.
  3. Consistency – Reduce quality issues.
  4. Glue savings – Control your usage and use less through better monitoring.


UPS Shipping Calculator


Our roll packaging machines allow more control of your package than existing packaging systems. Ship mattresses, buns of foam, toppers, pillows or other compressible products. Our compression packaging machines can produce a 4.5″ roll to a 30″ roll, using cost effective stretch wrap to hold the package.

Three modes in one machine: Click picture for calculator

  • Roll Pack
  • Auto bag
  • Flat pack
  • Ecommerce – Reduce cost and increase profits
  • Traditional Freight – Increase shipping capabilities