CF1396: Compression Folding System

  • Capability to perform any of the following processes:
    • Compress, fold and roll pack
    • Compress and flat pack
    • Autobag
  • Able to package foam mattresses and pocket-coil spring mattresses
  • Increases shipping capabilities for ecommerce and traditional freight
  • Highest throughput and smallest foot print for machines of its kind in the market

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Roll pack and compress mattresses with C3
Roll packing compression equipment for blocks and buns of foam.

BC2496: Bun Compression System

  • Compress and roll foam buns or stacks of foam plates
  • Four-corner controlled compression that protects the product from damage
  • Triple shipping capacity – Roll pack up to two buns into one roll
  • Remove the need for squeeze trailers

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TC9513: Topper Roll Cage

  • Package mattress toppers into 15″ x 15″ rolls
  • Produce 130+ toppers per hour; 2+ per minute
  • Cost-saving packaging using only scrim and a sleeve
  • Designed for retail and ecommerce markets
  • Intuitive methods to operate and easy to maintain

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topper roll pack equipment
Compression roll packing equipment

RC9500: Roll Cage System

  • High throughput: 2+ packages per minute
  • Roll pack a variety of different products including: Toppers, Mattresses, Pet beds, Wedge sets or packs
  • Roll different package lengths by changing stretch film size
  • Consume only stretch wrap

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RC6050: Roll Cage System – Mid-Size

  • Versatile system for small to medium foam products including: Toppers, Pet beds, Wedges, Pillows
  • Adjustable film width and cage for product variations
  • Consumes stretch film only

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Increase eCommerce and distribution capabilities.
Stretch wrap and roll smaller foam products to increase shipping and shelf space capacity.

RC4530: Roll Cage System – Small Products

  • Roll smaller products: Pillows, Wedges, Pet Beds
  • Package up to four products per minute
  • Minimal packaging material consumed using stretch wrap
  • Smallest machine footprint in our collection

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AB9065: Mattress Auto-Bagging System

  • C3 heat seal bars create strong welds that reduce chances of the package opening
  • High throughput at 3 packages per minute
  • Durable plated steel design
  • Telescoping conveyors for easy maintenance and operator functions

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Mattress flow wrapper auto bagging system
Roll Pack and auto bag foam beds


  • Three packaging options
    • Autobag
    • Roll pack to length
    • Laterally compress and roll
  • High throughput
  • Flexible in package dimensions to match freight or e-commerce
  • Never fold the product

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Packaging Equipment Add-ons

Box Line

  • Simple roll cage integration to the CF1396 and RC1000
  • Increases ergonomics for the operator reducing fatigue
  • Simple foot pedal operator controls
  • Increased production efficiency

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Roll pack box line to integrate into C3 roll packing machinery

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