BC2496: Bun Compression System

  • Ship more foam with compression up to an 8:1 ratio of volume reduction
  • Protect the integrity of your product with almost no loss on split layers of foam based on composition
  • Multiple packaging options:
    • Foam blocks and buns
    • Foam layers
    • Double-pack blocks (product dependent)
    • Flat-pack blocks or layers
foam block compression machine

The BC2496 is your solution to reaching more customers and guaranteeing a safe and reliable package for shipment. The Bun Compression System compresses blocks of foam into a flat-pack or roll.

The packaging materials consist of poly and stretch film. The poly film is engineered to work in conjunction with the C3 heat seal bars, providing a consistent, reliable weld. The stretch film provides a tight hold on the package securing it for storage or shipment.

Depending on your production and product, the final package size can provide over six times your original shipping capacity.

Three packages, one machine.

Whether you’re flat-packing toppers on pallets or rolling up a block for shipping, the BC2496 is adaptable to your production needs. The machine can be configured to allow for three packaging options including flat pack or rolled for foam blocks and buns, slitted buns, and toppers.

The robust design is ideal for not only protecting your product’s integrity, but also for efficient, adaptable packaging options.

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