RC4530: Roll Cage System

  • Smallest footprint for roll packaging equipment
  • Efficient packaging system for a wide range of foam and latex products
  • Fast throughput with up to four packages per minute

This video portrays a bit wider machine with the same roll cage capability. It will give you a good idea of the functionality of the RC4530, just double in width. 

The RC4530 Roll Cage System is perfect for manufacturer’s who make small foam products with various SKUs. This machine quickly compression packages products with cost effective packaging and speed.

With a throughput of up to four products per minute, this system is a reliable solution for packaging up to 240 products per hour. It’s ideal to package pillows, wedges, pet beds, and other small products.

Why should I compress small products?

Compression packaging makes sense for big products that take up a lot of space, but does it have the same impact on smaller foam and latex products? The short answer, yes.

Compression packaging decreases the volume of foam products making it easier to handle and increasing units per shipment. Not only will you save space in your facility, but also save on shipping costs per unit and space for retail shelves.

The single piece of stretch film provides cost friendly packaging that holds the compression in place. Now, instead of a bunch of floofy pillows to squish into a box for shipment, you can have neat, easy to handle, rolled products that save you space, time, and money.

Roll packing smaller - medium size foam products

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