CF1396: Compression Packaging System

  • Packaging options include:
    • Compress, fold, and roll (smallest package)
    • Autobag with slight compression
    • Compress and roll without folding
  • High throughput at 2+ packages per minute depending on product
  • Smallest machine footprint compared with competing machines
  • Increases ecommerce capabilities with direct-to-consumer packaging
  • Consumes cost effective and durable stretch and poly wrap
  • Achieve packages from 15″ x 15″ x 44″ (queens and less) or 18″ x 18″ x 44″ (kings and cal kings)

The CF1396 will launch your business into the ecommerce and retail markets. Creating a tightly wrapped, compressed roll, this machine allows mattresses of all sizes to fit into boxes and bags.

Package twin, full, queen, king, and cal king foam, latex, or pocket coil beds. The fold bar of the CF1396 allows for even cal king mattresses to fit into 44″ tall boxes. This package design is ideal for maximizing inventory space, minimizing shipping costs, and is ideal for retail and other direct-to-consumer markets.

Mattresses pass through a veil of poly film to be compressed and sealed. Then, the pressed bed is folded in half and pushed to the roll cage. Here, it’s wrapped in stretch film according to a best-fit recipe to conserve film use and hold your package tight.

Will roll packaging work with your product?

The final package from a CF1396 machine is easy to handle and requires less storage space in a warehouse, and less room on a freight truck.

This process works with most foam, latex, and pocket coil mattresses. It is also useful for plates of foam.

The best way to find out if your product will compress, fold and roll while maintaining its integrity is to test it. We are equipped with a compression calculator that will determine the best fit machine for your specific product standards. Contact us to arrange for your product to be tested on a CF1396 and see the results from our calculator.

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