RC6050: Roll Cage System – Mid-size

  • Package a variety of products, including: foam and latex toppers, pet beds, wedges, and pillows
  • Tuned stretch film roll cage for efficient film consumption
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Automated power infeed allows continuous product flow into the roll cage

The RC6050 Roll Cage System is a mid-level machine that handles small to medium size products. It’s an excellent way to break into roll packaging without investing in a full-size compression system. This machine also allows for versatility, so whether it’s a pet bed or foam wedge, it all can be packaged with this single machine within the designated dimensions.

Along with its variability, the RC6050 has a small footprint and is easy to operate and maintain. This enhances ergonomics and safety in your facility.

How is the packaging maintained?

The RC6050 is part of a roll cage series that uses a single infeed to compress foam and latex products. These systems only use stretch film to hold the compression of the products.

After passing through a curtain of film and into compression, the product is rolled and wrapped in the film to hold the compression. The roll cage keeps the compression in place while wrapping it in film. Once the product releases from the roll cage, the stretch film sets in place and the product is ready to be shipped.

Roll packing smaller - medium size foam products

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