The RC6050 is a versatile roll pack compression system, that uses little floor space allowing manufacturers to get the most out of their production lines.

The cage has versatility from finishing a package diameter from 6″ – 9″, depending on the product. The RC6050 is perfect for roll packing foam toppers, pet beds, wedge systems, latex toppers, pillows and even fiber based products.

This system lends itself to those manufacturers reaching customers through traditional retail, distribution or even through eCommerce, such as Amazon.

RC6050: Roll Cage System

  • Produce up to 240 packages (product dependent) per hour, producing a quick ROI
  • Roll pack a wide variety of products – accommodating most manufacturing SKU’s
  • The automated system allows continuous packaging into the cage
  • Safe and easy operator interface keeps the system ergonomic and trainable, repeatable operating system
Increase eCommerce and distribution capabilities.

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