RC9500: Roll Cage System

  • Roll pack a variety of products including:
    • Foam and latex toppers
    • Wedges or small foam products
    • Foam or inner-spring mattresses
    • Small beds for marine, RVs, or bunk beds
    • Foam cores or sheets
  • Vary the package diameter between 9.5 – 13.5 inches
  • Smallest machine footprint to package 90-inch width products
roll packaging machine rc9500

The RC9500 Roll Cage System is your solution for an entry-level compression packaging machine. It has the capacity to roll a variety of products as small as foam wedges and as large as inner spring beds. The variety it can package makes it an economical value for entering into roll packaging.

Different from the CF1396, the RC9500 does not include a tamp press or folding section. The minimal design requires less space and less packaging material. It uses a roll cage to compress and roll the product and wrap in stretch wrap to hold the diameter. The final package is ideal for shipping and inventory.

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