Create a better package and way to ship buns of foam by compressing and flat packing the bun, first. With the design of our roll cage, the foam has a reduction of waste by minimizing distortion by holding the foam to a diameter.

The BC2396 passes the bun straight through the machine, creating higher throughput. The manufacturing process doesn’t have to stop.

  • Reduced product distortion
  • Increased manufacturing capabilities
  • Reduced waste through a smarter packaging system
Compress and roll packing buns increases shipping capabilities


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  • Increase shipping capabilities by tripling the board feet
  • Minimal packaging material consumed
  • Reduce the ergonomic risks of squeeze trailers
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Maintain product integrity by compressing to a force
  • Increase distribution capabilities
  • Increase storage floorspace
Roll packing compression equipment for blocks and buns of foam.