Small polyurethane foam products are used in many industries including furniture, transportation, crafts, medical and a combination of seats. This diagram shows a variation of current products being roll packed in the RC430 & RC4560.

  • Wedges – Individual or set/systems
  • Pillows
  • Ovals (specialty products)
  • Squares
  • Rectangles

RC430 Roll Pack System

Click image for video

  • High throughput: 4+ packages per minute
  • Finished package diameter for a variety of product mixes: 5″ x 15″ – 7″ x 24″
  • Cost effective packaging material consumed by only using stretch wrap
  • Small machine footprint, optimizes packaging floor space
  • Extensive guarding package for a safe operator experience

The RC4560 model is of the same design, but doubled for increased throughput. For more information on this machine, click here.

Stretch wrap and roll smaller foam products to increase shipping and shelf space capacity.

Compressed and rolled products create a package to increase retail space efficiency while using a cost effective stretch wrap as a packing material.

The packaging options could include individual boxes for ecommere or stacked into a shipping container on a pallet.