Why compression packaging?

Transportation is costly. How do you max out a truck on foam or mattresses or get under dimensional weight with a UPS or FedEx package? Compression packaging equipment provides the opportunity.

Can the product be rolled?

We focus on the product to decide the right roll cage. We use a volume change calculator that we created after testing thresholds of variety of products. It’s not just about rolling the product as much as it’s about maintaining the package integrity. Want us to roll something unique? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Why do we use stretch film?

There are many methods of holding a compressed package. At C3, we believe in the way the whole machine operates as a system, and this includes using the right packing material. We’ve tested many different methods and many films. What we found is a stretch film we worked with a partner to develop. Anyone is welcome to try other films, however, we will guarantee the package performance and machine throughput with our film.

What is the C3 Rewards Program?

We believe in our film so much we automatically reward you for using it. C3 Rewards program puts money back in your budget for every dollar spent on film. These rewards can be cashed in for field services including maintenance, training and troubleshooting on your C3 equipment. Rewards also apply to expenses associated with these areas including service fees and travel expenses. Learn more about the C3 Rewards program.

What is C3‘s spare parts policy?

For any spare bought through C3, we guarantee the best price possible or we will match the better price.

What is C3‘s warranty policy?

For any part or machine built by C3, we offer a 18 month warranty. For any manufactured parts on our equipment, we offer the same as the manufacturer.