C3 specializes in developing custom machines that drive production in most manufacturing areas. When equipment is unavailable in the United States, or there is potential for increased efficiency and productivity, C3 gathers the information necessary to create a more advanced design.


C3 was a controls integrator first and recognized that we didn’t need to reinvent anything, just improve it. Our various industry experience gave us an edge as an OEM, allowing us to design, build and integrate more effective machines. All of our HMI screens are customized to each client with the user experience in mind.


Understanding the viability of a capital investment is an important first step. Every project represents a different level of investment, as well as different proposed hardware and software solutions. C3 brings a vision and creates viable design options through modular designs.


Distinct and comprehensive vision is a requirement for success. C3 works in many industries, and we understand technology that can span many manufacturing applications. Once a viable and creative solution is in place, we can execute an effective install and implement by placing attainable milestones.


C3 does rigorous testing on every project within our C3 Technology Center. This way, we limit the amount of troubleshooting and disruption to any clients’ production facility. Our machines are designed to be modular, making easy transport and install. We program all PLCs and controls so the machine is ready for immediate production.


Your team did a great job in a short period of time. Our old machine made our manufacturing situation much more complicated.