Embracing Tension In Skiing And Work: Courtney, Business Development

At C³, we believe in hiring people who are passionate about not just their work, but also their life and hobbies. This ideology is one of the driving forces behind our ingenuity and Courtney, our Customer Experience Manager, believes you can see that in every department. “It’s something I really respect about the leadership and what they’ve created. It’s not just me in marketing creating this persona for C³’s culture. It’s a representation of everyone that works at C³. We have all shared something back into the culture. That just makes the relationships a lot better and that pours into our understanding of who we are and what we’re doing.”

Watch the video below to hear from Courtney about how the challenges that come with skiing a race like the Birkie have impacted her approach to work.

We met with Courtney to talk about one of her favorite winter activities, cross-country skiing, and how the things she’s learned on the trails also help her in her career. She got started skiing when some of her friends told her they would be doing the American Birkebeiner, the largest cross-country ski race in North America, held in Cable and Hayward, WI. At 55K, it’s one of only eight races in the world like it. She decided then that she had to try it and she’s completed the race multiple times since.

Focus on Moving Forward

Like many endurance sports, the training as well as the race itself are intense. “Skiing is incredibly technical. I have to be really focused when I’m on the trail or I can lose a lot of energy or control. Training sessions are long, usually over two hours, and the race even longer. It’s a long day and you go through every emotion imaginable, but you always finish with a smile!”

The challenges that come with training for something like this have helped Courtney with more than just skiing. “You’re combining this mental focus with incredible technique over a long period of time. This combination creates a kind of mental grit,” she says. “When I apply that to my work, it’s interesting how I am able to focus on the bigger picture and keep moving because I’m used to having that kind of attention on the snow.

Participating in a race like the Birkebeiner also helped Courtney learn to press on. “When racing, my options are to keep moving or stop in the middle of the cold woods. When I translate that into my career, it’s given me the ability to keep working even when projects aren’t turning out the way I want them to because you have to keep moving. Embracing that tension has become my motto in everything I do.

Passions Fueling Ingenuity

At C³, we know that the traits our employees develop in their personal lives add value to the workplace. “I think we’re fortunate to have many people on our team that have something they love to do,” says Courtney, “whether they’re hunting, biking, water skiing, or whatever. We have a group that has those outlets to revive themselves for the work day, plus the management that respects that personal time.

Our employees’ hobbies vary greatly, so we’re always learning something from each other. They don’t just bring well-rounded skills and insight to the workplace, though. They’re also fun to work with, because they come to work refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the day delivers, and have some great stories to share too! Courtney explains, “Many of us share our passions with each other, which makes us closer and helps us work together, especially on projects involving multiple departments. I think that’s rare for manufacturing companies, and it’s something we all should be proud of creating at C³.”  

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