Joe Rossmeissl

General Manager

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About Joe Rossmeissl

Joe Rossmeissl might have come up through the ranks of finance, but he sees the business well beyond spreadsheets and reports. Joe brings a great appreciation for the character of people, the value of strong teamwork, and the impact of the work culture. In fact, Joe will tell you with a sincere smile that it’s C³’s inclusive, supportive culture that gives him the most pride.

Big picture aside, however, Joe is and forever will be a numbers guy at heart. When asked about life outside of work, he mentions the ages of his children. When asked about his bucket list, he dreams of running a 5k in under twenty minutes. And when asked to reveal something about himself that people would find surprising, he talks about the Prius he drives—no doubt because he has calculated the gas mileage and overall cost of ownership.

Swim with the current in matters of style, but to stand like a rock in matters of principle.