Mark DesJardin

Business Development

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About Mark DesJardin

Mark has a way of making people smile, perhaps because they know they’re in good hands. But don’t let his good nature fool you. His vision is laser sharp and his spirit is unbeatable. Working in Business Development for C³ is a perfect fit for his character, as he gets to spend his days turning over rocks, looking at horizons, and scouting out the next opportunity.

Mark spends a lot of his time studying the market, determining emerging trends, and identifying how C³ can help customers turn ever-evolving market dynamics into real growth opportunities. He sees his job as being less about helping C³ develop its business and more about helping customers develop theirs.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the teams that work here. Rarely do we see road blocks, but instead we see detours. I’ve often joked that it is a Midwestern work ethic with Silicon Valley swagger, and it shows up in our culture.