Roman S

Account Manager

About Roman S

Roman prides himself on delivering products and services that alleviate pain our customers might be feeling, from literal pain in having employees manually packaging products to financial pain by helping automate facilities with C³ machinery.

His top priority when servicing customers is to ensure they are taken care of in a timely manner. He manages his day to be available at all times, so clients can contact him regarding any of their C³ needs.

Roman is the spearhead at C³ that gathers the right experts to solve customer problems. He works hand in hand with engineers and technicians to discover what C³ machinery will advance his clients’ operation. He enjoys the teamwork – that no one puts themselves before anyone else, and everyone unites to help the customer.

C³'s advantage in the market is our desire to advance. We have the best minds in the industry developing our machines and we aren’t satisfied with complacency. Our leadership is always thinking ahead for improvements and how to help our clients' future.