Wyatt L

Mechanical Assembler

About Wyatt L

Wyatt works on our Assembly team building machinery in our shop. Using prints from the engineering department, he assembles machines section by section to create our final systems. Wyatt also works on installation teams to get a new machine up-and-running on a customer’s floor for the first time.

Wyatt’s fueled by a love for mechanics; his pastime is enduro racing, where he rebuilds and races cars. He enjoys the crossover between the mechanics of cars and our machines, as they both require the machine to be running properly. When they are, it’s a result of quality work done by mechanics like Wyatt.

Our team appreciates Wyatt’s tenacity in always wanting to make his work the best he can. It goes hand in hand with his belief in “pumping out the best product I possibly can,” car or machine.

I love the challenge of working at C³. Sometimes we build a giant block compression machine or we might engineer an entire line for a company. Regardless the size, we have to make sure everything is working and we're turning out the best product.