VT1000: Vertical Trim Line

  • Squares foam flush to two sides for accuracy
  • C3 custom trim saws designed for glued foam cutting
  • Trim blades move into position within 1 cm of accuracy
  • Single saw splits mattresses, like king size beds to two twin beds
  • Two squaring areas provide precision cut alignments
  • In combination with an LCN1500, can fully automate lamination

The VT1000: Vertical Trim Line is a modular design for use in a production line. The machine was engineered to improve quality of laminates and provide a straight edge cut to meet product specifications.

You can place the trim line before or after lamination. Ideally, it is positioned after lamination to create a “perfect” end product. It trims clean, square edges within an 1/8″ accuracy. This eliminates the need for operators to place foam layers. It’s an excellent solution to add to a fully automated mattress manufacturing line.

The design includes squaring, trim, waste disposal, squaring a second time, and an additional trim for split mattresses or twin size beds.


Where does the trim line fit in my manufacturing line?

The trim line can be placed before or after lamination. Most of our customers use it after lamination and before assembly to create a fully-automated manufacturing line.

Trimming after lamination allows for clean-cut edges to pass through to assembly (covering, for example). If trimming is before lamination, you will need your operator to lay the glued foam layers for accuracy versus using a LCN1500.

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