LS1000: Laminate Storage System

  • Scalable design to suit any operations and product dimensions
  • Stores product vertically for limited footprint
  • Tracks product by cell so it’s never lost or untraceable
  • Mechanical conveyor bumps product into position without damage
  • Suitable for layers, cores, laminated mattresses, finished product or palleted material

The LS1000: Laminate Storage System is a scalable machine suitable for a wide range of product storage within a manufacturing line. This machine utilizes vertical space to store product that needs cure time, accumulation, or traceability.

By utilizing storage equipment, you guarantee your product will not be lost, misplaced, or wrongly traced. When the product conveys into the LS1000, it is tracked by cell and never lost or misidentified. This system is ideal for inventory management in multiple areas of your operations.

Where does a LS1000 fit into my manufacturing line?

There are many options available when looking where to place storage. Many clients choose to use multiple storage units to create a curing station prior to packaging. Or, use the storage at the beginning of your line to store layers of foam before lamination.

Their are many options available, as well as different configurations of the machine to suit your goals. The LS1000 is a modular design built with systems in mind, so it can easily scale up or down to accommodate the capacity of your production.

Whether using it for tracking, accumulation, storage, or curing, the Laminate Storage System is a ideal solution for increasing efficiency and traceability of your facility.

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