PC5089: Pallet Conveying System

  • Automate pallet and system board handling
  • Scalable design to suit your operational needs
  • Tracks product by cell so it’s never lost or untraceable
  • Consistently lifts up to 200 lbs
  • Places within half inch of accuracy for shuttling into production

The PC5089 Pallet Conveyor System is your front-line solution to feeding pallets or system boards into your manufacturing line. This system is scalable to suit your operations and production needs.

The conveyor can lift up to a 200 lb pallet or system board unit. It gently moves pallets to convey into a line or can stack them coming off a line. Its versatility makes it adjustable to suit any operation needing efficient pallet management.

This system is usually placed near the beginning of a mattress manufacturing line. It automates the pallet loading process and aids in traceability of your system boards.

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