PD5496: Automatic Destacking System

  • Automates pallet destacking to feed a mattress assembly line
  • Handles a variety of foams from 1/2″ to 10″ thick
  • Places sheets of foam as fast as 1 every 15 seconds
  • Individually program each destacker depending on foam sheet specifications
  • Automated PLC-driven system for easy support
  • Option for manual infeed
  • Easily integrates into the LCN1000 and LCN1500 to destack foam sheets for lamination
foam destacking equipment for mattress manufacturing

The PD5496: Automatic Destacking System takes pallets of foam sheets, unstacks them, conveys them to the next step in your line, and returns the empty pallet. This system is designed to automate the infeed of a mattress assembly system and reduce the stress on operators lifting and moving foam sheets.

Operators can program the destacker to meet the specifications of the foam ready to be infed. Foam sheets as thick as 10″ and as thin as 1/2″ inch can be grabbed by pickheads and conveyed to the main line. Depending on your product, the system can pass a plate of foam every 15 seconds.

Once the pallet is empty, the destacking system will shuttle it out of the unit while a new stack of foam is already being destacked. No need to wait for the empty pallet to cycle through.

How does an Automatic Destacking System fit into my manufacturing line?

The PD5496 is a modular design allowing it to be added on to our lamination equipment. You can also choose to add multiple destacking units to handle various layers and types of foam that build your mattress products.

This automated solution reduces the ergonomic risk of your operators moving foam sheets into your laminators. By programming specific “recipes” to the destacking system, you also guarantee foam sheets are picked in order every time.

Curious if a destacking system would work in your facility? Contact us to determine if your foam products are right for this solution.

mattress foam layer destacker system

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