STK1000: Automatic Stacking System

  • Stack layers of foam without the use of manual labor
  • Improve employee ergonomics by eliminating product lifting
  • Safely move large products
  • Places layers accurately with mechanical solutions
  • Easily integrates into a full production line

*Pictured here with a conveyor system

The STK1000 is a modular equipment option to fit within a manufacturing line. The Stacking System will convey layers of foam and stack them to an inputted height. By entering the stack and layer dimensions, you can build a stack up to 54 inches in height.

The Automatic Stacking System holds two edges of the foam layers flush for accuracy. This removes the need for operators to repeatedly lift foam layers onto pallets or conveyors to move through production. Because of this, it’s a safe machine to operate and improves your facility’s ergonomics.

The STK1000 easily integrates into a full assembly or production line. For example, it often is used with a conveyor system to accumulate stacked product into lamination, or out of lamination and stack onto a pallet.

What else can you do with a STK100?

This stacking system serves many functions within a full production line. Since it has a modular footprint, you can easily put it anywhere within a line you’re looking to accumulate or load pallets, or, unstack product for production.

In this earlier version of the STK1000, you’ll see the additional function of pallet management and removal of the base layer. These are two more options available with the STK1000.

We can help you determine what version of the stack system works best for your operations. You may find, our destacking system works well for your line, too. Contact us to learn more about your options for stacking and unstacking product.