Many manufactured foam products today receive a coating, gluing or some sort of lamination. C3 Corporation uses their machine experience from multiple industries to develop roll coating systems to optimize mattress lamination, foam lamination, material or glue usage when manufacturing. If you’re hand spraying today, you can calculate your glue usage savings here.

Roll Coating Options

  • Laminate foam mattresses
  • Roll coat rails used for tubs and pocketed coil beds
  • Toppers
  • Foam cores
  • Foam to fabric
  • Fabric to substrate
  • Sponges
  • Phase change materials (PCM)

LCN1000: Semi-Automated Roll Coating Lamination System

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  • High throughput, 120 feet per minute
  • Tamping (compression) to create a foam tearing bond
  • Two-roll coating system to increase glue consistency and reduce calibration time
  • Recipe-driven system through PLC and HMI
  • Modular design fits into a larger, automated production line
Roll coating mattresses and toppers
Roll Coat Lamination for Foam

LCN1500: Automated Roll Coating System

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  • PLC controls with a recipe driven system.
  • Automatically place coated layers to an accuracy +/- 0.25″.
  • Achieve better bond through fewer operator hands touching the layers.
  • C3 engineered rolls are superior to holding tolerance and calibration.
  • Patent pending roll speed control provides unsurpassed glue coat weight control.
  • Automated layer stacking means, less opportunity for delamination and creating a better bond.

LCN6000: Automated De-Stack & Stack Roll Coater

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  • Fully automated lamination system
    • 2 operators necessary. One feeding pallets of foam stacks, one moving pallets of stacked completed product.
    • Product is picked off a pallet
    • Center and squared
    • coated
    • Placed
    • Stacked
  • Large manufactured lamination rolls (12″ application roll, 9″ metering roll)
  • High throughput
    • Produce one, 4-layer mattress, every 30 seconds
  • Increased glue consistency
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