LCN1000: Semi-Automated Lamination System

  • High throughput at 120 feet per minute
  • Tamping (compression) to create a foam tearing bond
  • Two-roll coating system to increase glue consistency and reduce calibration time

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Roll coating mattresses and toppers
Roll Coat Lamination for Foam

LCN1500: Lamination System

  • PLC controls with a recipe driven system.
  • Automatically place coated layers to an accuracy +/- 0.25″.
  • Achieve better bond through fewer operator hands touching the layers.
  • C3 engineered rolls are superior to holding tolerance and calibration.
  • Patent pending roll speed control provides unsurpassed glue coat weight control.
  • Automated layer stacking means, less opportunity for delamination and creating a better bond.

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Take it one step further with lamination automation…

Discover what’s possible when you combine a destacking unit, laminator, and trim line together into a system. Less labor, better quality, more efficiency… Learn More.

Automate your mattress manufacturing line

LCN6000: Automated De-Stack & Stack Roll Coater

  • Fully automated lamination system
    • 2 operators necessary. One feeding pallets of foam stacks, one moving pallets of stacked completed product.
    • Product is picked off a pallet
    • Center and squared
    • coated
    • Placed
    • Stacked
  • Large manufactured lamination rolls (12″ application roll, 9″ metering roll)
  • High throughput
    • Produce one, 4-layer mattress, every 30 seconds
  • Increased glue consistency

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