Automated Lamination System

Experience the ultimate manufacturing efficiencies when you pair our modular equipment together into a line. The Automated Lamination System provides:

  • Hands-off mattress assembly
  • Increased in-spec product volume
  • Accurate build and trim with two squaring stations
  • Reduction in manual labor for infeed, lamination, and build
  • Precise trim with automatic disposal

How do you produce a mattress in-spec with less people and more efficiency? You automate. While you can purchase any single piece of C3 equipment to inch closer to full automation, when you build out a line of modular machines you see the most benefit.

Our Automated Lamination System takes our LCN1500 and pairs it with a vertical trim line, the VT1000, to produce mattresses with less labor and more accuracy.

Adding a series of Automatic Destacking Units completes the automation with a front-of-the-line solution to feeding your laminator.

Which Machines Create the Automated Lamination Line?

PD5496: Automatic Destacking Units

Now all you’ll need is a forklift to drop off and pick up your pallets. Say “Adios!” to a jammed up, confusing infeed and lost material. Kit pallets for one destacker with a recipe, or select a series of destackers to suit your most popular mattress build. Like all our designs, the destackers are modular and you can scale as needed.

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foam destacking equipment for mattress manufacturing

LCN1500: Lamination System

Take labor out of your line and let the machine handle accuracy. This lamination system squares each layer prior to building the bed. Once positioned, it’s held until the layer is placed and coated as part of the build. With trim after lamination, you’re running a line where quality reigns.

The LCN1500 also features a metered roll for glue application and a tamp to move air through the mattress to set the glue bond. If you don’t want to trim wet glue (it’s possible), you can look into an LS1000 before you hit trimming.

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VT1000: Vertical Trim Line

The laminator holds accuracy to a 1/4 of an inch, the trim takes it down to 1/8 of an inch. This is the station where you’ll find more mattresses coming out of production in-spec. Prior to the first trim station, we square up the laminate. It then passes through two trim stations and waste is automatically disposed. After, it’s off to assembly!

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How did we build this?

We unite a team of teams and fill our whiteboards. What you see in the Automated Lamination Line is a sum of years of work in the industry aligned with market demands and customer goals. Josh and Alex will explain in this episode of our Behind the Design Series what went into the creation of this lamination line.

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