LCN1000: Semi-Automated Lamination System

  • Fast throughput (120 feet per minute)
  • Multiple measurement options
  • Efficient glue application and curing
  • Auto-adjusting roll coaters for contoured foam sheets
  • Optional IR Heater add-on for glue curing
  • Two modes of operation to suit production needs

The LCN1000 is a semi-automated machine to apply glue to foam layers with an even, consistent roll coat application. Our patent-pending metering roll coater allows you to control the glue weight for an efficient bond.

The standard mode of operation is a linear pass through system where the sheet is coated in glue and passed to the build table. Here, the operators can place foam sheets in a stack and then pass to the tamp. This mode is also used for contoured foam.

A second mode option allows the operators to stay at the front of the machine to both load and stack coated sheets. This is also known as “one man mode” since it keeps the manual labor in the same space.

Multiple Modes of Measurement

To further the automation of the lamination process, the LCN1000 comes equipped with multiple modes for measuring the height of the foam sheets. Using the right mode for the product can accelerate the cycle time. The LCN1000 measurement options include:

  • Inputted recipe to the HMI screen for automatic pass through
  • Measuring disk drops to measure height, best for convoluted foam
  • Photo eye sensor scans height of product before passing to rollers, fastest mode
  • Contour mode auto-adjusts roller to consistently coat along the contour

Add-on IR Heater

The IR Heater can be added on to the LCN1000 just after the roll coating to cure the laminate immediately after applying glue. This option speeds glue curing time and reduces the need for time before covering the final mattress.

Using an IR Heater speeds cure time and enhances the effectiveness of the tamp. The tamp passes air through the foam to dry the glue. The massaging motion allows the glue to penetrate the foam and provide that tear-foam bond.

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