LCN1500: Automated Lamination System

  • Patented method of controlling roll speed to allow for precise control of glue coat weight
  • Automatic placement of raw and coated foam layers
  • Produce up to 60 mattresses per hour, varying with layer types and build specifications
  • PLC-driven control system allows for recipe management and increases facility automation
  • Uses water-based glue adhesive for easy clean up and adhesion
Roll Coat Lamination for Foam

The LCN1500 Automated Lamination System roll coats sheets of foam with glue and layers them to build a mattress. This hands-off assembly system places each coated layer with a tolerance of +/- .25”. Layers enter the infeed conveyor to square, coat, and place into position. The roll coaters meter the glue by controlling the speed with patent-pending technology. This allows for complete control of the glue coat weight. The lack of operator handling provides a better glue bond between layers which reduces the risk of delamination.

The built mattress can easily transfer from the LCN1500 to a tamp,  IR heater, storage, or packaging unit. Add destacking units to the front of the laminator to further automate the mattress assembly process. Learn more about our destacking system here.

How accurate is the foam layer placement?

If your assembly line relies on tight tolerances after the glue process, accurate layer placement is key when choosing to go with a fully-automated lamination machine.

The LCN1500 can place foam layers within a tolerance of +/- .25″. It’s capable of handling a variety of foam products, including urethane and latex cores, toppers, fabrics, phase change materials, and sponges.

If accuracy is your top concern, we also offer a trim solution after lamination. This increases the placement tolerance and improves the likelihood of a secure glue bond. For more information on tolerance or post-trim assembly, please contact us.

Roll coat and laminate foam products

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