Robots are an excellent material handling solution for manufacturing facilities. At Cwe produce a variety end of arm tools, for robots. This could be for core handling, label applications, auto bagging, or gluing. We are more focused on the product and application before we design our solutions. As an integrator and original equipment manufacturer, we build our robotic cells to manage pallets and slip sheets. See below for the variety of solutions we’ve designed over the years.

Robotic Pick and Place Material Handling System

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  • End-of-arm to pick bags and slip sheets
  • Pallet and slip sheet management system
  • Increased floor space use
  • Pick and place four bags per minute
  • Package flattened before placing on pallet
Bag palletizing system with custom end of arm tool for Fanuc Robot

Stocking pick and place end of arm tool

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  • Customizable end of arm tool
    • Cylinders
    • Cans
    • Pistons
    • Bolts
    • Round container
  • Stocking table acts as guarding
  • Safe and ergonomic for operators
Pick and Place fanuc robotic stock and destock cell

C3 expertise with robotic end of arm tooling:

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  • Protect product from handling within the core
  • Core Handling
  • Roll Handling
  • Stacking
Robotic End of Arm Tooling

Label applicator, end of arm tooling

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  • Use multiple size labels
  • Safely handle product
  • Palletizing made easy
  • Apply on flat or angled surfaces
  • Labels for food packaging
Robotic Label Applicator

Box and back, end of arm pick and place

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  • Safely place product
  • Pack into boxes
  • Pack into bags
  • Palletize after packing