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Stretch and Polyethylene Packaging Film

In order to create a secure package for your foam and mattress products, you need both a dependable machine and reliable film. Together, polyethylene film and stretch film hold the compressed and rolled product in place while keeping air out. We’ve done extensive research on different films in order to supply only poly and stretch films that work best with our machines.

Packaging films need to lock in final package dimensions and keep air out. C³ films have been specially formulated, tested, and selected to suit the unique needs of the bedding industry. Purchasing our film also makes you eligible for the C³ Partnership Program, where you’ll earn back valuable credits to use on future maintenance and upgrade purchases.

Want To Turn Your Film Purchases Into Investments?

What Film Does C³ Offer?

Stretch Film

Stretch film secures compressed packages in place. We provide stretch film that has the right tack and stretch capacity for compression packaging.

Polyethylene Film

Polyethylene film, or poly film, is used in the press to lock in compression with use of the heat seal bars. We provide poly film that has the right blend to best work with our heat sealing and keep air out.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much film is used per package?

For a typical compressed, folded, and rolled bed, it’s about 1.5-2 lbs of polyethylene film and 0.8-1.2 lbs of stretch film.

How many packages can you get with one roll of film?

Film use is package and product dependent. An estimate for a compressed, folded, and rolled bed is 200 packages.

What makes C³ film different?

We’ve exclusively used this film for over three years and it has impacted how we engineer our machinery. To date, it has successfully packaged over six million bedding products.

I don't have a C³ machine yet. Can C³ film be used in my machines?

Yes! We have customers using our packaging films who don’t have our machines yet. Our support team can help keep you running, even if you haven’t purchased a C³ machine, and provide support where other film suppliers fall short.

What's your lead time?

Standard lead time is 1-2 weeks but emergency same-day shipping is available from C³ inventory.