TC9513: Topper Roll Cage System

  • Creates a small, 15″ x 15″ rolled package
  • No film needed – packaging with scrim and sleeves
  • Produces 2+ packages per minute
  • Roll cage opens to easily access components for maintenance
topper roll pack equipment

The TC9513 is designed for the demands of retail and ecommerce’s direct to consumer market. The small package is held compressed by a single sleeve; a low cost option for a package of this size.

For the small footprint this machine has on the manufacturing floor, it can roll pack toppers as thick as 4 inches and dense as 4 lbs. Plus, it will pass through more than two of these toppers per minute.

We didn’t forget about your operators. A graphical interface makes operating the machine intuitive. The roll cage opens so it’s easy to maintain and replace parts.

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