Make Space for Daydreaming

Every good idea, every step forward, started in someone’s imagination. This is true for products and processes alike, from the invention of foam to the compression of mattresses. Encouraging and cultivating the big “what if” questions is arguably the single greatest determiner of any company’s long-term success. It is the difference between thriving and surviving. Leaders, of course, know this. They preach it and teach it. But do they make time to do it?

Innovating in a Firefighting World

Unless we intentionally set aside time and space for imagination, our minds get consumed and depleted by the demands of the day. We have obligations to meet and tasks to complete. There is always more urgency in dealing with what is than developing what could be. But authentic leadership is about so much more than merely managing the moment. It’s about charting the future. When was the last time your leadership team set meaningful time aside to collectively ask what if?

C3 is delighted to work with cross-functional leadership teams across the bedding industry to ask bold questions, pursue bigger thinking, and imagine better ideas. While half of our responsibility in any relationship is in ensuring day-in and day-out performance, the other half is in helping our customers prepare for a future they can only imagine if they are willing to imagine.

C³’s Interactive Showcase

More and more cross-functional leadership teams are scheduling time to visit our facility in Wisconsin and engage in an exclusive Interactive Showcase. These are opportunities for mattress manufacturers to see and review the latest innovations C3 is developing for the industry, explore ways to leverage these emerging developments to drive performance and efficiency in their operation and engage in open-ended imaginative thinking about their company’s future.

We encourage customers to bring leaders from across their entire organization. Innovation sparks when people who naturally think differently sit down and think together. For more information about how you might benefit by scheduling time for an Interactive Showcase at C3, contact us.