TC9513: Mattress Topper Roll Cage System

A Machine To Quickly Package Mattress Toppers, Foam Layers, & Some Twin Beds In A Retail Shelf-Ready Package

Topper roll cage machine
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Product Overview

Compression Packaging Solutions For Foam Mattress Toppers, Layers, & Some Twin Mattresses

The mattress topper packaging machine packages foam sheets and toppers without the use of film. The machine consists of two roll cages that first roll the product to length and then roll it a second time to final package dimensions. The packages created by this machine return great shipping and handling savings, especially with major e-commerce companies and carriers.

Operators packaging a topper in a sleeve

See this machine create perfect topper packages.

Shelf-Ready Packaging For Foam Toppers

Our product-first methodology led us to the engineering of this machine. Manufacturers needed a way to quickly package foam topper products without clogging up their main production line.

This machine fulfills this need by creating packages for topper products perfect for store shelves and direct-to-consumer shipments. Foam toppers of all sizes work in this machine.

King Foam Topper

This king-sized foam topper is 3 inches in height with a 3 lb density. When packaged with the TC9513, it reaches the following dimensions.

Final Package Dimensions:

Diameter: 13.5 in (343 mm)
Height: 20 in (508 mm)

Mattress Topper Roll Cage Machine Features


Scrim material follows the product into the first roll cage as it is rolled to width.

Roll Again

The product is rolled a second time into its final package dimensions.

Easy Handling

As it exits the second roll cage, it slips into a sleeve that holds the compression. The final package is easy to handle.


Product Specifications



  • High throughput at 120+ packages per hour
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 14.5 ft x 17.5 ft x 7.5 ft
Metric: 4.4 m x 5.3 m x 2.3 m



  • Compatible with most foam products
  • No film used in packaging
  • Great package for retail shelves and shipping
Packaging Options

Packaging Options

  • Standard roll cage produces 13.5 inch diameter package
  • Package uses scrim material and a sleeve on the product to be put in a box

Frequently Asked Questions

What packaging materials are used with the topper roll cage machine?

This system uses two packaging materials including scrim and sleeves. Scrim helps the product through the roll cages and the sleeve holds the final package in place. Both are low-cost options that replace film.

What size box does the topper fit into?

The topper packages typically fit into a 15 in x 15 in box, given an estimated diameter is 13.5 in.