Paper Wrap Module

An Add-on to Include Recyclable Paper Wrap as a Packaging Option

Paper Wrap Module
Paper Can Be Recycled 6 Times
It Takes Paper 4 Weeks To Decompose
Consumers Demanding A Sustainable Package

Product Overview

Upgrade Your Machines with the Latest Sustainable Innovation

Replace stretch wrap with paper wrap as the final packaging material for a more sustainable option. The paper wrap module add-on can be easily integrated into existing C³ compress and fold machinery. Impress your consumers and decrease your plastic usage with recyclable paper.

Product Specifications

Paper Features

Paper Features

  • Virgin kraft paper is compostable and accepted at most recycling centers
  • Kraft paper is a renewable resource
  • Paper creates a more cylindrical package versus plastic wrap
Packaging Options

Packaging Options

  • 30” for trifold or ultra compression
  • 48” for half-fold
  • 90” for compressed and rolled buns of foam
Machine Capabilities

Machine Capabilities

  • Ability to use either paper or plastic wrap
  • Produces 2+ packages per minute
  • Can be added to new or existing C³ roll cages