Variable Roll Cage For Mattress Compression Machinery

A Roll Cage Upgrade To Include A Wider Range Of Packaging Diameter Options Than The Standard

+ Inches
Of Diameter Variability
Smallest Roll Cage Diameter
Largest Roll Cage Diameter

Product Overview

Do More In The Same Machine

The variable roll cage replaces the standard roll cage on a compression folding system (CF1396) to provide more variability in packaging sizes within the same machine. This roll cage expands an additional eight inches and is an ideal addition for manufacturers that package many different SKUs with different packaging for each.

See the various packages created with the variable roll cage.

How It Works

Variable Roll Cage

This revised design uses the same functionality as the standard roll cage with additional capacity to reach more diameter dimensions.

Smart Recipe Inputs

With a wider range of packaging options, use C³'s roll cage calculator to help find the best level of compression for each product.


Product Specifications



  • High throughput at 120+ packages per hour, same as the traditional roll cage
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

  • This roll cage fits in the same footprint as the standard roll cage


  • Increases packaging options
  • Purchase with new machinery or as an upgrade to a current compression system
  • Ideal for facilities processing multiple SKUs of product

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would an operation need more than a standard roll cage?

Manufacturers choose the variable roll cage add-on when they need to produce a wider range of package diameters to suit various products. Most of the time, converters are looking to get more out of the standard compression machine and the variable roll cage gives that same machine more flexibility.

What packaging diameters are possible?

All packages are product-dependent. Final package diameters can range from 7.75-19.5 inches with varying heights. C³ uses a roll cage calculator to determine exact specifications for your product.

Can I upgrade my standard roll cage to a variable cage?

Yes. The variable roll cage can be sold as an upgrade on pre-existing compression folding systems and stand-alone roll cages.