RC4530: Small Roll Cage Machine

A Compression Roll-Packaging Machine Designed For Small Foam & Latex Products Like Pillows

Stand alone roll cage for small products
Produced Per Hour
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Machine Footprint
Max Product Height

Product Overview

Compression Packaging For Small Foam & Latex Products

The RC4530 model is the smallest roll cage machine C³ offers. It's perfect for manufacturers looking to package pillows, wedges, pet beds, or any variety of small products. Final package diameters range from 4.5-7 in (114-178 mm). This allows for easier boxing, handling, and shipping of small foam and latex products.

A variety of small products that can be packaged in a small roll cage

See how the roll cage packages small products.

C³'s Package-First Methodology

No matter how small the product, C³ still adopts a package-first methodology when engineering the best compression packaging machine for customers’ products. We take into consideration composition, transportation and storage time, packaging, and customer expectations.
We work with clients to calculate ideal packaging options for their products. Then we select the best machine for the job. Here are examples of ideal packages created with this machine.

Pet Bed

Small products like pet beds can be packaged with the RC4530. Here’s an example of a pet bed that’s been packaged with this roll cage.

Original Dimensions: 24 in x 18 in x 7 in (607 mm x 457 mm x 178 mm)
Final Dimensions: 5 in diameter, 18 in long (127 mm, 457 mm)

Foam Wedge

This foam wedge is an example of a small, oblong product that can be packaged with the RC4530 roll cage. The variety in dimensions this machine can handle makes it a great option if you produce a variety of products like this wedge. When packaged with the RC4530, it reaches the following dimensions.

Original Dimensions: 25.5 in x 24 in x 11.75 in (648 mm x 610 mm x 298 mm)
Final Dimensions: 7 in diameter, 24 in long (178 mm, 610 mm)

Roll Packaging Features

Only Use One Film

Each product passes through a curtain of stretch film, which follows the product into the cage to wrap as it rolls.

Compress & Roll

Because these machines skip the press, the roll cage compresses as it rolls each product. This means a small machine footprint and lower cost.

Easy-To-Handle Packaging

Final product diameters range from 4.5-7 in (114-178 mm), making them ideal for retail and e-commerce.


Product Specifications



  • High throughput at 240+ packages per hour
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 16.75 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft
Metric: 5.1 m x 1.5 m x 2.1 m



  • Perfect for packaging pillows, wedges, pet beds, and other small foam and latex products
  • Creates ideal package for storage, shipping, retail, and e-commerce

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of packaging material is used in this roll cage?

This small roll cage uses 30-inch stretch film to create its packages.