LS1000: Laminate And Block Storage Systems

Scalable Storage Units For Curing, Inventory, Or Temporary Holding Without Losing Track Of Your Product

Highest Storage System Built To Date
Sq. Ft.
Single Stacking Unit Machine Footprint
Per Storage Unit

Product Overview

Store Products In A Trackable, Organized Manner

C³ storage systems are highly-customizable racks, lifts, and conveyors that work together to keep track of your inventory while it's curing or not in use. By taking advantage of the vertical footprint of your facility, it takes up less space than leaving stacked material on ground level.

See an example of a storage system and the products it can handle.

How The Laminate Storage System Works


Product enters the storage system for curing, storage, or accumulation reasons.


The storage system's database tracks the time product sits in storage. For example, if a laminate needs to cure for four hours.


Product is picked and shuttled out of the system to the next stage of production.


Product Specifications



  • Lift speed runs at about 150 feet per minute
  • Storage time per unit is dependent on your operation
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

  • Footprint of a storage system depends on your facility, what product you wish to store, and the volume of product stored at one time


  • Not a one-size-fits-all machine, totally customized to your facility
  • Lift product up to 250 lbs
  • Suitable for blocks, laminates, finished product, layers, and other products
  • Keep track of what product is where

Where Storage Fits In Production

Obviously storage units are used for curing or storing product, but did you consider using them for accumulation? When you scale with automation, you may be able to take advantage of accumulating product before it passes to another section of production to take advantage of full throughput. Here's an example of a line where storage units are used for accumulation before assembly and packaging.

Optimize Your Operators' Time

Using a storage system to accumulate product from lamination allows the assembly team to make the most of their shift.

Never Lose Product

Storage systems keep products in production so they're traceable, rather than using a fork lift to store them around your facility.

Rapid Throughput

Robust automated lines like this one can produce one bed every 22 seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be stored in this system?
  • Foam or latex blocks
  • Stacked layers or pocket coils
  • Stacked, finished mattresses
  • Laminated cores