CF Rotate

An Add-on to Maximize Efficiency and Decrease Poly Film Usage

CF Rotate Product Rendering
Queen Bed Film Savings
King Bed Film Savings
Of U.S. Mattresses Sold Are Kings Or Queens

Product Overview

Save Up to 25% on Poly Film by Rotating a Mattress 90 Degrees

The C³ rotate add-on allows the mattress to enter the machine with its longest side running parallel to the width of the machine. Less poly film is used to cover the mattress during compression, saving you time and materials. The rotate is located after the compression unit and pivots the mattress 90 degrees to continue on the tamp as usual.

Product Specifications



  • No change to machine footprint
  • Lower costs on every fold and roll package
  • No product positioning loss on 90-degree turn


  • Maintains quick production speed
  • Produces 2+ packages per minute