C3‘s Lamination equipment produces tear-foam bonds between every layer of the mattress build. For use with latex or acrylic glue, these systems provide the variability in functionality to flex your manufacturing line for semi-automated or full automation capacities.

Manufacturer’s choose C3 Lamination equipment when they want to increase their automation and save on glue costs. We’ve invested in the R&D of the glue coat process and have developed technology to keep your glue coat weights precise for the bond you need…no more, and no less.




Packaging machines are often one of the first pieces of equipment a manufacturer chooses to invest in. Not only does the machinery provide a speedy return on investment, but it also creates an attractive package for the consumer. Nothing beats the delight of a face of someone unrolling a compressed mattress for the first time.

C3 provides a range of compression packaging machines to suit all kinds of foam and bedding products. Our roll cage design rolls the product to a held dimension, allowing the product to naturally expand to the final specification versus using force. We know damaging your product in the final stage of operations is costly, so we designed our roll cage to protect you from costly returns while allowing for the attractive package you seek.



foam mattress topper


At C3, we combine our engineering strength with superior manufacturing to create automation equipment best suited for your facility. We believe in advancing our clients’ operations by leveraging automation. Whether we’re looking to automate one step of the process, or a full manufacturing line, our approach is the same. We stay focused on the end product and its demands while taking consideration for the needs of your team and facility.

When you work direct with the C3 engineers that manufacture your next capital investment, you know you’re getting a machine built with integrity. No corners are cut and no stickers are being peeled off and re-branded as our equipment. We make all of our machines in-house, which means the engineers who design the equipment are the ones who finish the job and hand them off to you.


Your Product Comes First

Our engineering philosophy centers around helping our clients manufacture the best product for their end consumers. We invest in finding solutions to common bottlenecks in the foam and mattress industry using automation technology. Our team monitors the opportunities and trends in the foam and mattress and e-commerce marketplaces to take advantage of new opportunities to give you an edge in the industry.

We never start a conversation talking about our machinery. It all starts with what you are manufacturing and what your goals are to deliver your customers. Hear it from our team on how we engineer from pour to package.