FLP1000: Product Flipping Machine

Flip A Product To The Other Side With This Flipper Machine

Mattress flipping machine
Cycle Time
Sq. Ft.
Machine Footprint
Max Product Weight

Product Overview

Turn Over Products While In Production With The Flipper Machine

The flipper machine enhances the ergonomics of your manufacturing line by taking the heavy lifting out of turning over product. For mattresses, cores, or laminates, the flipper holds the product's position while turning it over.

Title card for mattress flipping machine video

See the flipper cartwheel a mattress!

Product Specifications



  • 30-second cycle time per unit
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 9 ft x 12 ft 5 in x 7 ft
Metric: 2.7 m x 3.8 m x 2.1 m



  • Flip up to 250 lb product
  • Eliminates need for an operator to lift and turn over product
  • Keeps product moving in-line with production

Where The Flipper Fits In Production

The flipper fits into production in multiple areas depending on your operation. Here is an example of how it could fit into a full production line.

Fully Automate Production

Don't rely on operators to do the heavy lifting. Incorporating the flipper to turn over product alleviates lifting from the operator's tasks.

Keep In Line

The prongs of the flipper machine hold the product in position as it turns. When complete, it's still in place.

Improve Ergonomics

Machines like the flipper take out the strenuous work of handling mattress and bedding products for operators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What product dimensions can it flip?

The flipper can handle product as big as 84 in x 84 in x 18 in (2134 mm x 2134 mm x 457 mm).

How many times can it flip a product?

Infinite! You’re sure to be dizzy before this flipper stops flipping.