Hot Melt Bridge System

Simple Hot Melt Bridge to Adhere Parts Quickly, Safely, and Effectively.

Hot Melt Bridge
Feet Per Minute
Sprayed Per Minute
For 30 Spray Heads

Product Overview

The Faster Way to Build Hybrid Mattresses

Build mattresses quickly and more efficiently with the hot melt bridge system. With a belt speed rate of 200 feet per minute, a complete hybrid mattress can be assembled in 21 seconds. Only two hose lines are needed to feed up to 30 spray heads, which reduce the time spent on maintenance. Apply and control hot melt safely with the C³ patent pending comb tip technology.

Product Specifications



  • 1000 psi pump allows for even pressure when adhesive exits spray heads
  • Zoned heating and manifold circulation in C³ designed melting system prevents charring and filters out bad adhesive


  • Adhere 6-8 parts per minute
  • Move and spray layers at 200 feet per minute
Machine Specification

Machine Specification

  • Simple module bridge can be added to basic conveyors or integrated into an existing roll coat system
  • Vision system allows variety of spray patterns
Product Builds

Product Builds

  • Hybrid mattress
  • Encasement or tub mattress
  • Specialty mattress