Safely Move Material Through Production

Conveyors, lift systems, storage, trim lines, and more

Material Handling Systems For Mattress Manufacturing

C³’s material handling machinery helps facilities keep track of work in process, take labor out of heavy lifting and material handling, and make efficient use of space in your building.

When conveyors, lifts, turn tables, flippers, and pushers take over the work of moving product, facilities run efficient production lines with more organization, product tracking, and improved safety for employees.

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Features Of C³ Material Handling Systems

Conveyors For Every Stage Of Production

Conveyors For Every Stage Of Production

C³ conveyors are customizable to suit the product you’re moving and the section it’s in.

Flip, Turn, Push, Stack & Trim

Flip, Turn, Push, Stack & Trim

Leave the hard work to the machinery – our line of material handling machines includes flippers, turning systems, stackers, destackers, trimmers, and pushers.

Scalable Models To Fit Your Facility

Scalable Models To Fit Your Facility

Lifts and stackers scale to the height and footprint your facility can accommodate, making the most of each square foot.

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Who's Behind The Design

Consider the production rates of each section to ensure you won't create bottlenecks or starve machines of product. Material handling machines keep parts moving through the system at a consistent rate.
- Alex Z | Lead Mechanical Engineer

Material Handling Machinery For Every Stage of Production


Move product and inventory with safety and ease through your facility.

C³ manufactures a number of conveyor systems to help reduce operator involvement in product handling.

Coil Unbaler


Stack, Store, Unstack & More

Stacking systems for every stage of production and every sized facility.

Label Applicator

Automate Label Application


Perfect, Square Edges On Every Laminate

C³'s trimming machinery makes perfect cuts to the edges of a laminate or to split a laminate into twin mattresses.