AB9065: Automated Bagging System

A Packaging Machine To Efficiently Bag Products

C3's AB9065 Mattress Auto Bagger machine
Produced Per Hour
Sq. Ft.
Machine Footprint
Max Product Height

Product Overview

Quickly Bag Products For Shipment

The auto-bagging machine is engineered for durability, ease of use, speed, and consistency. By packaging up to 180 products per hour, its throughput is ideal for mattresses, cores, toppers, bases, and boxsprings. This machine uses only slight compression and is your solution for packaging products not suitable for traditional compression.

See the mattress bagging machine in operation.

C³'s Package-First Methodology

Our package-first methodology stays standard even when we’re not using full compression. Some products just aren’t suited for compression packaging, which calls for an auto-bagging solution like what’s found with the AB9065. Here is an example of an ideal package created with this machine.

4-Layer King Mattress

This king-sized mattress has four all-foam layers. When packaged with the AB9065, it maintains its dimensions in the bag. Because this mattress is all-foam, it’s likely slight compression was used to package it.

An auto-bagged foam product

Product Specifications



  • Bag products at a rate of 180 per hour
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 24.5 ft x 13 ft x 8.5 ft
Metric: 7.5 m x 4 m x 2.6 m



  • Automates the bagging process for mattress products, boxsprings, bases, and more
  • Uses one type of film to suit a wide range of products
  • Rapid throughput keeps the process efficient
  • C³-engineered heat seal bars create a strong seal across the package
Packaging Options

Packaging Options

  • Bag with slight compression
  • Bag with no compression

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of film is used in the mattress bagging machine?

This auto-bag system uses only polyethylene film at one width to package products.

What's the biggest benefit of the auto-bag machine?

If you’re hand-bagging your products that can’t be compressed, the biggest benefits you’ll see is the speed and consistency of packaging.