VT1000: Vertical Trim Lines

Trim Laminates And Cut Twin-sized Mattresses Before Assembly With Vertical Trim Systems

Cycle Time
Sq. Ft.
Machine Footprint
Trim Accuracy

Product Overview

Perfect Edges For All Products

C³ trimming machines consist of squaring section, conveyor, trim saw, and waste disposal units. The system trims mattresses to spec or splits king-sized beds to twins without interrupting the flow of production. C³ trim systems can be used before or after lamination.

See the trim line in operation.

How The Trim Machine Works


The laminate is squared on two flush sides to ensure a perfect cut.


The saw blades trim the laminate to spec with accuracy within 1 cm. Durable blades can even slice through wet glue without excessive wear.

Remove Waste

Automatic waste disposal cleanly removes waste from the product and away from the line.


Product Specifications



  • Trim products at a rate of 30 seconds per passthrough
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 34 ft 4 in x 20 ft 1 in x 7 ft
Metric: 10.5 m x 6.1 m x 2.1



  • Automated waste disposal
  • Trim blade accuracy within 1 cm
  • Small footprint for four-sided trimming

Where Trimming Machinery Works In Production

Vertical trimming lines fit into production before or after lamination. There are multiple options for customizing the trim section based on your products. Here's an example of where it fits in manufacturing.

Straight Pass-Through

When lamination and trimming are in line, the product can maintain its position throughout the line.

Trim After Lamination

Trimming after lamination guarantees a perfect core every time. Consider this layout for a new production line.

Configuration Options

The trim line has options to include sections for splitting king cores into twins and for waste disposal. You'll choose the configuration that best suits your facility layout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit to trimming after lamination?

Trimming after lamination takes the pressure off operators and their accuracy building cores during lamination. It also guarantees you have perfect edges before putting on fire socks and covers. Trimming after also makes it easier to scale to full automation of your lamination section.

How accurate is the trim line?

The blades on these trim systems can cut within 1 cm of accuracy.

What products can it trim?

The trimming systems can handle foam and latex products.