Up & Running

Onsite Machine Installation

C³ offers installation and start-up support with all of our machinery. Once you purchase a machine from C³, our support team sets up your installation and training. Our technicians, mechanics, electricians, and engineers come onsite at your facility to get you up and running.

The install team leads training which includes how to run your new system, how to read the manuals and prints, maintenance best practices, and a spare parts overview. You’ll be comfortable with your new machine by the time we leave.

Have Questions About Installation?

What's Included In Installation

Assembly & Wiring

Your machine will come pre-assembled in sections. Our mechanics will finish assembly in its new footprint. Then, our electricians will wire the machinery.


Service technicians or engineers will come onsite to start up the machine for the first time. This is when any recipe development or special programming changes will be done.


When the machine is up and running, our team will review how to run the machine, maintenance best practices, and how to reach out for support in the future.


After installation, you'll be delivered all of your machine's manuals, prints, and drawings so you can take full ownership of your new machine!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does installation take?

Every installation is different. For reference, a typical stand-alone machine install and start-up can happen within one week.

Is installation included in my machine purchase?

No, installation is a separate cost you should budget for. Because every facility’s needs are different, it’d be impossible to include this in a machine price!

When will I receive my machine manuals and documentation?

All documentation related to your machine is delivered via email before installation is through.

Who comes onsite for install?

Depending on the project, we send mechanics, electricians, service technicians and/or engineers to install and start up your machinery.