Misting Heads & Glue Pump For Acrylic Glue

Add-On Components To Help You Make The Most Of Your Acrylic Glue Consumption

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Product Overview

Take Full Advantage Of The Efficiencies Of Acrylic Glue

C³ recommends these two add-on components to lamination rollers when facilities run acrylic glue. Because acrylic glue has a thicker viscosity, the glue pump improves the flow of glue to the rollers. To avoid the risk fo glue drying and shearing on the rollers, the misting head system can be placed above the rollers to keep the glue moist.

See how the components work on the semi-automated lamination system.

Product Specifications



  • Glue pump runs at a max flow rate of 46.2 gallons per minute
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

  • This system fits within the original dimensions of a lamination machine


  • Helps maximize the amount of glue used by keeping it fluid
  • Improves flow rates to keep up with production throughput

Frequently Asked Questions

What lamination systems can I use a glue pump and misting heads with?

This add-on can be used on any of our lamination systems if you’re running acrylic glue.

What happens if I don't use this add-on?

The properties of acrylic glue make it dry faster on the roller. This causes shearing and can lead to uneven or chunky glue application to your product. The pump and misting heads help keep the glue moist so its viscous enough to run smoothly.