Traversing Stretch Cart For The Compression Folding System

Use One Size Of Film For All Your Packaging Variances

+ Packages
Wrapped Per Hour
Max Product Width
Film Used For All Packages

Product Overview

Use One Film Size To Wrap All Products Packaged With The Compression Folding System

The traversing stretch cart is an easy add-on to a compression folding system that allows facilities to use only one size of stretch film. The machine's standard has the stretch film grip as a static component. The traversing stretch cart feature replaces this component with one that moves from side to side, allowing operations to use one 50-inch film roll to package any variety of product dimensions.

See how the traversing stretch cart fits on to a compression folding system.

How The Traversing Stretch Cart Works


Products enter the roll cage the same as with a traditional static stretch wrap grip.


The cart moves from side to side to cover the entirety of the package in stretch wrap and lock in compression.


Product Specifications



  • The traversing stretch wrap cart matches the throughput of the compression folding system at 120+ products per hour
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

  • The traversing stretch cart fits within the original footprint of the compression folding system


  • Reduce the number of stretch film products needed for different package sizes
  • Easy to install on current compression folding systems or opt for in a new machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it beneficial to use only one type of stretch film?

Changeovers are a pain. Every time you need to stop the machine to change film rolls equates to unproductive hours on the machine. By using one type of stretch film, your changeovers will be limited to when the roll runs out of film. This means more run-time!

Who needs this option?

Manufacturers that sometimes package products without folding, such as pocket coil mattresses, and sometimes with folding, will benefit from a traversing stretch cart.