Lamination System Add-Ons

Added Functionality For C³ Lamination Machinery

Lamination Add-Ons Overview

Enhance Lamination Machinery With Additional Components

With C³'s modular design, you can add on functionality that makes sense for your operation. Our lamination add-ons enhance things like glue coat weight accuracy, throughput, ergonomics, and variety of glues you can use in production.

Lamination add-on features in action.

Customize Your Lamination Line

Run Multiple Types Of Glue

Run Multiple Types Of Glue

Add hot melt components or units to enhance acrylic glue use on a standard lamination system.

Improve Glue Consumption

Improve Glue Consumption

Glue scales, gap control, misting heads, and glue pumps all help make efficient use of your glue supply.


Options For Your Lamination Systems