Coil Unbaler

Unroll Bales, Ideal Machine for Open and Pocketed Coils

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Product Overview

Reduce Floor Space Needed to Unwind Coil Bales

Manufacturers install the coil unbaler in their facility when they are looking to automate and reduce amount of floor space needed to unbale coil packages. A dual conveyor design provides constant compression on the coils which allows them to be unrolled in a safe controlled manner.

Watch our coil unbaler machine for open and pocketed coils

Material Handling Systems For Mattress Manufacturing

C³’s material handling machinery helps facilities keep track of work in process, take labor out of heavy lifting and material handling, and make efficient use of space in your building.

When conveyors, lifts, turn tables, flippers, and pushers take over the work of moving product, facilities run efficient production lines with more organization, product tracking, and improved safety for employees.

Product Specifications



  • Cycle time of 15 seconds or less per unit
  • Units are unbaled up to 4 per minute


Product Builds

Product Builds

  • Coil Innersprings




  • Automatic stops and starts, dispensing one coil at a time as needed
  • Integrated safety doors
  • Scrap is collected and rewound for easy removal


Machine Specification

Machine Specification

  • Coil unbaler can be integrated into an automation line or used as a stand alone machine
  • Machine senses when a bale is complete and automatically stops the conveyors. This minimizes downtime to load the next bale.


More Variability In The Same Machine

When C³ sets out to engineer a machine, we work to create a standard design that delivers the most-used functionality first. Then, we offer additional components that help you scale your equipment to suit your needs. These add ons are modular and can be added at any time to your line.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my product work with the Coil Unbaler?

Most pocketed coils and open coils work best when unrolling with the Unbaler. Every product is different – the best way to know is to contact C³ and schedule product to be sent to our facility for testing.

What additional functions does the Coil Unbaler feature?

The Unbaler senses when a bale is complete and automatically stops the conveyors. It will retract the nip conveyor and lower the loading pan without any operator intervention. This minimizes downtime to load the next bale.